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Hydraulic Tension Bar

Effortlessly adjust the cable tension up to 15,000 lb (67kN). Tensioning can be completed in minutes – simply open the two hydraulic valves and activate the hydraulic pump with an eye on the tension readout on the control panel. Relief valves and tamper proof ports ensure slow and safe movement of the motor tower. This […]

Hydraulic Power Pack

The hydraulic pump is powered by a 12V deep cycle battery. The pump, battery and ball valves are in a lockable steel enclosure. Tamper proof relief valves ensure that an operator cannot over tension the hydraulic tension bar. Stainless steel hard line hydraulic tubing. Uses biodegradable hydraulic fluids that are free of heavy metals, non-toxic, […]

Safety Harness Anchor Points

Attach your fall protection equipment on two 5,000 lb (2,270 kg) safety certified D-rings. Work comfortably on top of the tower with the peace of mind that you are safe and secure.

Micro Adjustment

Pivot the drive and deflection pulley frames on the 1½” vertical pins to align and reduce pulley liner wear.

Hinged Base

Heavy duty 1 ½” hinge pins allow tower to smoothly pivot forward.

Detachable Ladder

Detachable lower section and lockable ladder guard prevents unauthorized access. Perforated anti-slip rungs increase grip to maximize safety. Fall arrest equipment anchor point.


Secure the tower to concrete piles, concrete blocks or screw pile foundation. Foundation plans are available on the resources page and can be taken to a local engineer for approval. Concrete piles use less material than concrete blocks because they rely on the earth friction and not just sheer weight. Screw pile foundations and anchors […]

Stainless Steel

This option is recommended for saltwater applications. Visually appealing for distinguished buyers.

Conduit Rings

Neatly guides the power and instrumentation wires down either side of the motor tower and out of sight. Both wires are secured above by strain reliefs.


Heavy duty 2” (50 mm) SKF roller bearings bearings rated for long life expectancy at high tensions. Sealed bearings prevent contaminants from entering  and reduces greasing intervals. Tapered locking mechanism firmly secures bearing to shaft to prevent slippage in this violent application

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