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Telescopic tension bar

When locked in place this tensioning bar creates a safe and stable, free standing tower Fully extended the telescopic bar angle towers 10 degrees’ inward Tensioning can be completed in minutes – simply loosen the locking clamp bolts with Konex’s complimentary wrench, activate winch and once the tension is achieved, tighten the bolts A locking […]

Power winch

Effortlessly and quickly achieve the perfect cable tension. Capable of providing 11,000 lbs (50 kN) of force on the running cable for the perfect, high performance ride The winch is sized to match your running cable

Safety Tie-Offs

attach your safety harness to 2 conveniently placed 5,000 lb (2,270 kg) safety certified D-rings

Micro Adjustment

easily align both tower pulleys to reduce cable rotation and pulley wear

Hinged Base

Heavy duty 1 ½” hinge pins allow tower to smoothly pivot


detachable lower section to prevent unauthorized access anti-slip rungs provide added safety


secure the tower to a concrete or screw pile foundation provides the load bearing capacity for the high tensile forces don’t worry about ground settlement, erosion, frost heaves, etc

Stainless Steel

this option is a must for saltwater applications visually appealing for the distinguished buyers

Conduit Rings

Neatly hold the electrical out of sight


heavy duty 2” (50 mm) sealed bearings are engineered for long life expectancy at high tensions sealed bearings solve the problem of bearing failure – no greasing required tapered locking mechanism firmly secures bearing to shaft to prevent slippage in this violent application

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The best designs will be shown on the “feature builds” page!
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