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heavy duty 2” (50 mm) shaft is engineered for long life expectancy at high tensions


Specialized galvanized aircraft cable is available in various sizes

Electrical enclosure

a properly vented enclosure protects your electrical panel and an operator control box from the weather two locking Lamborghini styled doors prevents unauthorised access provides a location to hold a tablet where waivers can be signed provides advertising space – contact Konex to have your company logo made


lightweight aluminum frame improves performance appropriately sized bearings extend life expectancy exceptionally durable synthetic pulley and rollers 6” (150 mm) pulley results in lower RPM’s to reduce noise and wear

Homing Sensor

this sensor has no moving parts durable and dependable in all weather conditions.

Operator Control Box

The wired controller comes with a potentiometer and forward, reverse, home, stop buttons. engage automatic mode at any time by holding both directional buttons for 2 seconds wired controller comes standard with 33 feet (10 m) of cable wireless controller coming soon

Operating System

Set ‘turn points’ with the operator control box in minutes No computer required Operates in manual or automatic modes. Safety lockouts for owners

Power supply

We can accommodate all power sources.


Designed to accommodate your power source including household power single phase 220 – 240V; 3 phase 220 – 240V; 3 phase 460-480V; 3 phase 575-600V; 50 and 60 Hz Winter and salt water packages available.

Tension measuring system

set the perfect cable tension built in load-cell measures and displays the tension of the cable on a digital readout observe the amount of tension a rider can apply to the cable electronic shutdown prevents over tensioning and damage to your system

Customize & Share

The best designs will be shown on the “feature builds” page!
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