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Hardened steel 2¼”” (57 mm) shaft is engineered for long life expectancy at high tensions.

Running Cable

Galvanized steel core cable is available in 5/16″ (8 mm) and 3/8″ (9.5 mm). Fibre core cable is available in 5/16″ (8 mm) and 3/8″ (9.5 mm). Material specifications available upon request. Speak with a Konex representative to decide which type of cable to go with.

Control Panel Enclosure

A properly vented enclosure protects your control panel and the wired or wireless remotes from the weather. Both gull wing doors are separately keyed/ lockable to prevent unauthorized access.


Brushed stainless steel frame for maximum life expectancy and aesthetic appeal. Exceptionally durable synthetic pulley and rollers Large 6” (150 mm) top pulley has low RPM’s to reduce noise and wear. Crosby™ hardware.


Inductive proximity sensors have no moving parts. Can operate in all weather conditions including being covered in a layer of ice. Plug n’ play connections make it easy to replace if damaged.

Wired Remote

The wired remote comes with the largest potentiometer (speed dial) available. Dead man push buttons for forward and reverse. Illuminated push button for homing/ error acknowledgement. Wire length is 33 feet (10 m). Request for extra.

Operating System

Set turn points with the wired remote in minutes – no computer or iPad required 3 pre-programmed run modes that can be activated on-the-fly by a key switch on the control panel. Semi-automatic and full-automatic operating modes. Manual mode key switch to bypass software in case of emergency. Easter egg functionality on the wired remote […]

Power Supply

Can accommodate all power sources; 1 phase 200V – 240V (household power) 3 phase 200V – 240V 3 phase 380V – 500V 3 phase 525V – 600V

Control Panel

CSA and CE certified. Can accommodate all power sources including single phase 220 – 240V (household power); 3 phase 220 – 240V; 3 phase 460-480V; 3 phase 575-600V; 50 and 60 Hz Cold weather package available. Plug and play connections.

Tension Measuring

Digital readout of the cable tension on the control panel. A built in load cell measures and displays the tension of the cable in real time. Observe the amount of tension a rider can apply to the cable. Observe the effect that thermal expansion has on the cable and ride throughout the day. Set the […]

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