The Konex Advantage

Tower Tower


  • Hardened steel 2¼”” (57 mm) shaft is engineered for long life expectancy at high tensions.

Running Cable

  • Galvanized steel core cable is available in 5/16″ (8 mm) and 3/8″ (9.5 mm).
  • Fibre core cable is available in 5/16″ (8 mm) and 3/8″ (9.5 mm).
  • Material specifications available upon request.
  • Speak with a Konex representative to decide which type of cable to go with.

Control Panel Enclosure

  • A properly vented enclosure protects your control panel and the wired or wireless remotes from the weather.
  • Both gull wing doors are separately keyed/ lockable to prevent unauthorized access.


  • Brushed stainless steel frame for maximum life expectancy and aesthetic appeal.
  • Exceptionally durable synthetic pulley and rollers
  • Large 6” (150 mm) top pulley has low RPM’s to reduce noise and wear.
  • Crosby™ hardware.


  • Inductive proximity sensors have no moving parts.
  • Can operate in all weather conditions including being covered in a layer of ice.
  • Plug n’ play connections make it easy to replace if damaged.

Wired Remote

  • The wired remote comes with the largest potentiometer (speed dial) available.
  • Dead man push buttons for forward and reverse.
  • Illuminated push button for homing/ error acknowledgement.
  • Wire length is 33 feet (10 m). Request for extra.

Operating System

  • Set turn points with the wired remote in minutes – no computer or iPad required
  • 3 pre-programmed run modes that can be activated on-the-fly by a key switch on the control panel.
  • Semi-automatic and full-automatic operating modes.
  • Manual mode key switch to bypass software in case of emergency.
  • Easter egg functionality on the wired remote for hidden features.

Power Supply

  • Can accommodate all power sources;
    • 1 phase 200V – 240V (household power)
    • 3 phase 200V – 240V
    • 3 phase 380V – 500V
    • 3 phase 525V – 600V

Control Panel

  • CSA and CE certified.
  • Can accommodate all power sources including single phase 220 – 240V (household power); 3 phase 220 – 240V; 3 phase 460-480V; 3 phase 575-600V; 50 and 60 Hz
  • Cold weather package available.
  • Plug and play connections.

Tension Measuring

  • Digital readout of the cable tension on the control panel.
  • A built in load cell measures and displays the tension of the cable in real time.
  • Observe the amount of tension a rider can apply to the cable.
  • Observe the effect that thermal expansion has on the cable and ride throughout the day.
  • Set the appropriate tension to accommodate larger loads when tubing.
  • Electronic shutdown prevents system operation if over tensioned. Tension limit is manually set by a tamper proof hydraulic relief valves so this is an extra safety measure.

Hydraulic Tension Bar

  • Effortlessly adjust the cable tension up to 15,000 lb (67kN).
  • Tensioning can be completed in minutes – simply open the two hydraulic valves and activate the hydraulic pump with an eye on the tension readout on the control panel.
  • Relief valves and tamper proof ports ensure slow and safe movement of the motor tower.
  • This rigid tension bar creates a free standing tower independent of the running cable

Hydraulic Power Pack

  • The hydraulic pump is powered by a 12V deep cycle battery.
  • The pump, battery and ball valves are in a lockable steel enclosure.
  • Tamper proof relief valves ensure that an operator cannot over tension the hydraulic tension bar.
  • Stainless steel hard line hydraulic tubing.
  • Uses biodegradable hydraulic fluids that are free of heavy metals, non-toxic, and recyclable.

Safety Harness Anchor Points

  • Attach your fall protection equipment on two 5,000 lb (2,270 kg) safety certified D-rings.
  • Work comfortably on top of the tower with the peace of mind that you are safe and secure.

Micro Adjustment

  • Pivot the drive and deflection pulley frames on the 1½” vertical pins to align and reduce pulley liner wear.

Hinged Base

  • Heavy duty 1 ½” hinge pins allow tower to smoothly pivot forward.

Detachable Ladder

  • Detachable lower section and lockable ladder guard prevents unauthorized access.
  • Perforated anti-slip rungs increase grip to maximize safety.
  • Fall arrest equipment anchor point.


  • Secure the tower to concrete piles, concrete blocks or screw pile foundation.
  • Foundation plans are available on the resources page and can be taken to a local engineer for approval.
  • Concrete piles use less material than concrete blocks because they rely on the earth friction and not just sheer weight.
  • Screw pile foundations and anchors allow the structure to be considered temporary for permits. Screw piles are excellent in cold weather climates due to resistance to frost heaves.

Stainless Steel

  • This option is recommended for saltwater applications.
  • Visually appealing for distinguished buyers.

Conduit Rings

  • Neatly guides the power and instrumentation wires down either side of the motor tower and out of sight.
  • Both wires are secured above by strain reliefs.


  • Heavy duty 2” (50 mm) SKF roller bearings bearings rated for long life expectancy at high tensions.
  • Sealed bearings prevent contaminants from entering  and reduces greasing intervals.
  • Tapered locking mechanism firmly secures bearing to shaft to prevent slippage in this violent application

Hood / Work Platform

  • When closed there is reduced motor noise and extra protection of the mechanical system from the weather.
  • When unlatched the hoods drop down to become a safe work platform.
  • Comfortably perform maintenance at chest level.
  • Enjoy the view with another technician on the opposite work platform.
  • Anti-slip raised edges that also prevents bolts and tools from rolling off.
  • Engineered for 700 lbs (317 kg) point loaded at the edge of the platform.
  • Seadek is available for extra comfort and style.


  • Stress tested with advanced CAD design software.
  • Maximum functionality and detail is laser cut into every part.
  • Multiple serial numbers stamped into the steel for unit identification.

3 Piece Pulley Inserts

  • Our patented 3-piece pulley design makes it possible to replace worn pulley inserts without removing the cable.
  • Exceptionally durable synthetic inserts increase life expectancy and reduce maintenance.


  • Comes standard with 5 HP (3.7 kW) motor and right angle gearbox made to last in this demanding application.
  • This robust gearbox has 45% more surface contact between gears and a very high service factor.
  • Direct drive design provides smooth transmission of torque and acceleration with a high level of positional precision.
  • For longer cable spans and heavier loads upgrade to a 7.5 HP (5.6 kW) motor or even a 10 HP (7.5 kW) motor
  • Contact a Konex representative for advice on which motor size is suitable for your site.


  • Zinc base primer comes standard on all powder coated towers for extra corrosion protection.
  • 300 colour options / 10 accent areas available to make your towers stand out or camouflage them into the surrounding environment.
  • Customize, save and share your favourite tower designs online in the Design Studio.
  • Contact Konex for special requests like chrome or sparkle undercoat with transparent candy overcoats.

Numerous features patent-pending.

  • Reset
  • Quick Quick
  • Safe Safe
  • Quiet Quiet
  • High Performance High Performance
  • Durable Durable

The most reliable and user friendly linear cable systems on the market.

Customize & Share

The best designs will be shown on the “feature builds” page!
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