Guenther Oka

Over the past couple years in wakeboarding, you may have seen this kids name pop up in a contest or on your favorite wakeboard website. But recently, you can’t be a wakeboarder and not know who Guenther Oka is. He came onto the scene in 2016 swinging and took the top spot at almost every event he entered. Guenther is a constant threat whether he’s in the line up behind the boat or cable. He is notorious for putting his own twist on your favourite trick and doing it in a way you never thought possible. As Guenther is only 18, we can just imagine what he has up his sleeve for the years to come.



  • 2016: Wake Park World Series Overall Champion - Traditional Cable
  • 2016: Wake Park World Series Overall Champion - Features Only
  • 2016: Wake Park World Champion - Traditional Cable
  • 2016: Wake Park World Champion - Features Only
  • 2015: Wake Awards - "Check Out" Award

Never have I been so impressed with a product that has been hyped up this much! I just got back from Canada for 6 days and after riding this cable, I'm convinced Konex has completely changed the game with their new cable system. This system boasts 11,000 pounds of tension applied to the cable and it only takes a couple minutes to completely lower and raise the towers.

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