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The @fluidwakepark motor unit is ready to go! This fully loaded system has all the tech options and the freshest powder coating - chrome backing with a second coat of transparent lime green. #cablepark #cablesystem
Glad to be a sponsor of @formatsfilm 🎥Congratulations @guenther_oka on taking first place @munichmash 🏆 📸: @chrislehnert
Old photo before the installation of the running cable. Working on the mechanical unit at chest level makes any maintenance easy and fun since the work platforms can support four people. #cablepark #heavyduty #SKFWord on the street is @annanikstad_wake has a new edit in the works. Keep your eyes peeled! 👀
Konex is proud to announce the Kinetic Energy Recovery System.  The K.E.R.S recycles the excess energy produced as the system brakes at each end of the run. Depending on your power rates and consumption you can pay it off within 2-3 years. #cablepark #ecofriendly #innovation
Ready to assemble @southcoastwakepark powder coated accent pieces! #custom #cablepark #candyThe secret is out! Konex will be supplying a fully loaded cable system to Lake Horseshoe in Ontario, Canada. As you can tell by these major expansion plans, @horseshoeresort is going all in! #truetension #cablepark
Two months later and the @ynywakeco system is running great! Their 22ft towers with a 7.5HP motor are perfect for the 240m cable span.  #truetension #cablepark@guenther_oka with yet another podium finish at none other than the #langfeldopen. Also, shoutout to @johndreiling on winning his first pro contest!
Congrats to @annanikstad_wake on the first place finish at #langenfeldopen! 🤘🏼Sneaky shot of @annanikstad_wake locking in a 50-50 at the #vwcyardsale 📸: @rodrigosnaps
Anotha one...@guenther_oka finds himself back on top of the podium this past weekend at the #WakeOpen. Congrats G! 📸: @rodrigosnaps 
#wakeboarding@annanikstad_wake holding it down for the ladies at the #vwcyardsale last weekend! 💸🔫: @adamlevitt
#Repost @ynywakeco
Lowering the tower to put new stickers on the carrier then raise it back up to tension with the click of the button, our @konex_wakeparks system is so far in front of the competition it🇬🇧#Repost @southcoastwakepark
COMING SOON..... We are pleased to announce that South Coast Wakepark will soon be taking delivery of Europe
Full extension of the telescopic tension bar @ynywakecoAll machined componants are clear zinc plated with a second protective layer of CS500. #highquality #cablesystem
#Repost @ynywakeco
And sheLoosening and tightening the cable with the Bluetooth winch remote and tension measuring system. A job that used to take hours now takes minutes @ynywakeco
Huge thanks to the @ynywakeco crew for their help installing the Black Pearl before cyclone Debbie tested the category 4 rating🌪🇦🇺
Konex can accommodate any power supply. In this case, 3 phase 415V - 50Hz. 🇦🇺⚡️
Installation of the motor towerThe Black Pearl🤘🏼
Maintenance to riding within 1 minute. Less downtime, more riding. @adamwhitaker tensioning the system with the Bluetooth remote. @guenther_okaThe 3 piece pulley can be replaced within minutes. Simply remove three bolts, replace insert, re-fasten bolts and repeat for the other two sections. #innovation #cablepark
Excited to see what @annanikstad_wake has in store for the 2017 season!Yewww🤘🤘 @guenther_oka kills it behind the boat too!
Motor unit of the system soon to be installed at @ynywakeco! 🇦🇺 #wakepark #wakeboardingDeveloped around the needs of both the owner and the rider, the Konex cable system offers better performance, more options and less downtime. #truetension
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